Several armed police officers were spotted at an incident on Sonning Common property

Several armed police officers rushed to a property in Sonning Common following an incident today (December 5).

According to residents, Thames Valley Police arrived at the Peppard War Memorial Hall at around 4.30pm, where they donned riot gear before driving to a property on Shiplake Bottom Road.

Images from the crime scene today showed an emergency vehicle with numerous police vehicles in front of the property.

At around 8pm, police were seen clearing the scene as they made their way back to the Memorial Hall car park.

A nearby resident said: “It was quite shocking. The police pulled into the parking lot across from our house around 4:40 p.m., put on their suits and disappeared down the street.”

At 9 p.m., a police car, a police cruiser and about six officers were in the parking lot of the Peppard War Memorial Hall, where they appeared to be packing up to leave.

The Chronicle has contacted Thames Valley Police for comment.