VIDEO: Ryan Blaney expresses anger in team communications after accident at Darlington

Ryan Blaney was extremely upset with William Byron after the collision.

Team Penske Racing, the current Cup Series champions, came to Darlington Raceway with the goal of maintaining consistent performance. However, they had a disappointing day as they were involved in an accident on the second stage and were unable to finish the race. This resulted in a 36th place finish, their worst result of the season.

Ryan Blaney fought alongside (names of other drivers) on the 129th lap of the race to maintain a position in the top five. While the No. 22 Ford and No. 19 Toyota battled for position, Byron, having gained momentum, fought his way up from sixth, creating a three-way battle. As they approached the next corner, Blaney was forced to the outside wall.

He collided with the wall and began to fall behind in the standings. Blaney had to pit to assess the damage and see if the team could get the car back on track before time expired. However, the damage was too extensive and the team could not continue. The number 12 driver was angry and expressed his frustration over the poor result on the team radio.

“That’s nonsense!” (link to video)

After the DNF, Blaney shared his perspective on the incident and his feelings about it. He stated that he was pushed and destroyed by William Byron, who managed to escape unharmed. Blaney believes he has every right to be upset.

Team No. 12 hopes that this setback is just a minor obstacle and they can return to victory soon. With (another driver’s name) ending Ford’s winning streak, they now have a path to success to follow.

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