Kuliyapitiya murder: Girl allegedly repeatedly raped and arrested (Video) – Gold FM News

The girl (18), suspected to be the girlfriend of the kidnapped and murdered youth from Kuliyapitiya, was arrested for abetting the crime.

Police have arrested the young woman who is said to be the girlfriend of the man who was kidnapped and killed in Ilukhena area of ​​Kuliapitiya on April 22.

She was arrested on charges of accessory to murder and concealing the crime after she was called to Kuliyapitiya police for questioning yesterday (12).

The arrested suspect is an 18-year-old resident of Wassaulla, Ilukhena area.

Police launched an investigation after the disappearance of 31-year-old Susitha Jayawansa, a resident of Kabalewa area in Kuliyapitiya, was reported on April 22. He was last seen visiting his girlfriend’s apartment after receiving a call from her father.

Weeks later, the body of the missing youth was discovered in Panirendawa Forest Reserve in Madampe area. The body, which had been burned and dumped in the forest, was found on May 7, confirming suspicions of foul play.

After Jayawansa’s disappearance, it was revealed that the main suspect, Sujith Fernando, also known as “Singithi”, was identified along with his wife Dilani Rasika, the missing youth’s girlfriend, and the main suspect’s two sons, as well as the suspect’s sister and her husband abandoned their homes and fled the area.

However, on May 6, the main suspect Sujith Fernando and his wife Dilani Rasika surrendered before the court through their legal representatives. After their surrender, they were remanded in custody on the order of the court.

The arrested girl said that the murdered man had raped her when she was a 15-year-old student. She was threatened with death and taken to the upper floor of the house where she was raped for the first time.

She told police that she had been repeatedly raped and had not told her parents for fear of being killed.

After a few years, in January last year, when no one was home, she was raped again by the same man.

She stated that after she informed him that she was pregnant, he gave her 05 kinds of medicine pills and told her how to take them and accordingly, she suffered a miscarriage after taking these pills.

The murdered Susith Jayawansa was also in a romantic relationship with another young woman and had also terminated her pregnancy.

Susith Jayawamsa, who was killed, was also previously married and separated from his wife.

Kuliyapitiya police have arrested nine suspects in connection with this murder.