Hawks secure No. 1 overall pick after winning NBA draft lottery

The Atlanta Hawks made some noise on Sunday despite not participating in the NBA Playoffs. Instead, the franchise is celebrating after surprisingly winning the No. 1 pick in the NBA Draft Lottery.

This marks the first time The Hawks have won the NBA Draft Lottery in franchise history, according to Lauren L. Williams of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Additionally, this is the first time since 1975 that the franchise has held first place overall.

“WOW! The Hawks get the No. 1 overall pick in the upcoming draft. They’ve never won the lottery before and this will be their first No. 1 overall pick since 1975.”

This is huge for the Hawks. They entered the NBA Draft Lottery and are expected to win the 10th overall pick. Instead, they will have first pick of prospects entering the league next season. Atlanta desperately needs more talent on the roster and this is a great way for the franchise to do just that.

This year’s draft class isn’t considered a great one, but having the best selection is still the best case scenario. At the very least, the Hawks have options on the table on how to approach the offseason. They can stay and pick or trade the #1 selection for loot. With the possibility of trading guys like Trae Young or Dejounte Murray, Atlanta could look like a whole new team next season.

With that said, congratulations to the Hawks for winning the NBA Draft Lottery. For the moment, we do not know who will be first in the general classification, but many believe that Alexandre Sarr or Zaccharie Risacher will be the first two selections at the end of June.

Hawks’ Future Outlook After Winning NBA Draft Lottery

Trae Young
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta is in a great position right now after winning the NBA Draft Lottery. Owning the No. 1 overall pick gives the front office plenty of options for rebuilding the roster. Given that there are rumors that the Hawks could trade Young and/or Murray, this could be a pretty busy offseason for this club.

But whatever direction the Hawks decide to take, the franchise has a bright future ahead of it. Performing a hard reset might be the best option. However, if the front office feels that someone like Alexandre Sarr or Zaccharie Risacher would be a great asset to the team, then Atlanta would be smart to stick around and pick.

This is an exciting time for the Hawks and fans. At this point, every scenario is a real possibility. The front office could choose to continue building around Trae Young and Dejounte Murray or go in a completely different direction. But the future looks bright in Atlanta. If the front office makes the right decisions, we could see this team back in the mix much sooner than expected.