At least 11 people, including students, died in an accident in Subang

A bus carrying students and teachers crashed in Subang, Indonesia, on Saturday evening (local time, May 12), killing at least 11 people, including many students. The New York Times reported. The students and teachers had just returned from a graduation ceremony when the ill-fated bus was involved in an accident.

According to authorities, the accident occurred at around 6:45 p.m. (local time) as the vehicle was traveling from a hilly resort area in Bandung to Depok, West Java. The cause of the accident was still under investigation.

West Java police said the bus spun out of control on a downhill road and collided with several vehicles. According to an initial investigation, the bus appeared to be unroadworthy and had defective brakes, the report said.

According to police, 61 passengers were on board the bus, nine died at the scene of the accident and two died later in a hospital. Among the dead were several students, a teacher and a motorcyclist. Several other people were injured and taken to hospital for treatment, some in critical condition.

At a press conference on Sunday, May 12, a West Java police commissioner said that 18 operations for serious injuries had been carried out so far. A local television program showed a video of the overturned bus with broken windows and badly damaged frame The New York Times Report.

Not the first time

Road accidents resulting in multiple fatalities are not uncommon in Indonesia, as hilly terrain and inadequate street lighting create dangerous driving conditions that regularly lead to accidents, The New York Times reported.

In early 2021, a bus accident killed up to 29 people, including middle school students returning home from a school trip.

Police investigations revealed that defective brakes were the cause of the accident.

In early 2019, another bus accident killed 35 people when the vehicle plunged into a ravine.