Actor Steve Buscemi was attacked by a New York madman in broad daylight

A random lunatic in New York reportedly attacked actor Steve Buscemi, drawing attention to unsafe conditions in Democrat-run cities.

The actor’s publicist revealed Sunday that Buscemi was punched in the face in a spontaneous attack while walking through Kips Bay on Wednesday.

Buscemi, 66, was transported to a nearby hospital after suffering “bruising, swelling and bleeding to his left eye.” According to arrest details provided by the New York Post, the bumbling attacker attacked Buscemi in broad daylight. He is the youngest actor to suffer a random seizure at the hands of a New York transient. Actors Rick Moranis and Michael Stuhlbarg were victims of random attacks in New York.

“Steve Buscemi was attacked in Mid-Town Manhattan, another victim of random violence in the city,” the statement reads in part.

“He is doing well and appreciates everyone’s good wishes.”

No suspects have been arrested in Buscemi’s attack. The New York Police Department announced that an investigation was launched against the attacker.

With more than 100 appearances in film and television, Buscemi is a recognizable and very popular face in the industry. Buscemi appeared in classic films such as “Reservoir Dogs,” “The Big Lebowski” and “Fargo.” He also played a memorable role in The Sopranos as Tony Soprano’s Nepo cousin Tony Blundetto.

Actors, athletes and other public figures living in cities on both coasts are all too familiar with being under the cover of widespread violent crime and looting.

In one of the most shocking incidents of 2023, a Chicago television crew had their equipment stolen during a live broadcast.

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