Investigation underway after two ‘unusually skinny’ children found abandoned: report

Police are investigating after two “unusually skinny” children were found knocking on a door in South Carolina this week, an incident report says.

Officers said they responded to the 6300 block of Bay Road in Myrtle Beach around 12:30 a.m. Monday for a report of abandoned children.

When police arrived on scene, a woman told them she heard a knock on the building’s door before seeing two children at the window.

According to the incident report, when she opened the door, one of the boys told her they were cold and hungry. They also reportedly said they didn’t know where they were or who dropped them off.

The report states that the victims said they were dropped off at Dunkin Donuts sometime the night before they were found.

The victims then reportedly told police that they did not know the man who dropped them off, but said the person who dropped them off was “the one who had been with them for an extended period of time this past summer.” kept space locked up”.

The report notes that both victims had multiple scars and bruises, mostly on their backs. It also said one of the victims had cuts to his shoulders, leg and foot and a possible infection. The other victim had cuts to his elbow, shin and knee and a possible skin infection.

According to the report, police questioned the victims about their eating habits and said they received a peanut butter sandwich every one to two days.

Police reportedly spoke with suspects whose identities were redacted. One of the suspects told officers he heard the boys leaving and went to look for them, but when he got outside they were gone. Another suspect said he had both children in his care for about five years, with a total of nine children in the home.

The investigation is ongoing.