The mother of a sick man who lassoed a woman before a sexual assault in New York says she “facilitated” the arrest.

The mother of the man accused of putting a belt around a woman’s neck, dragging her unconscious and raping her said she stayed up all night to convince her “sick son” to get sick because of the twist to contact law enforcement about the attack caught on camera in the Bronx.

“I am his mother who reported him. I’m the one who made his arrest possible,” an exhausted Beverly Parks, 56, told The Post of Kashaan Parks.

Early Friday morning, Beverly claimed the park’s wife called and told her he had choked and raped a woman.

The mother of accused lasso rapist Kashaan Parks stayed up all night convincing him to turn himself in. TOMAS E. GASTON

“I found out about this yesterday morning at 5:12 a.m. and have been trying to get my son to do the right thing ever since. And that’s what I did,” she said Saturday.

Kashaan Parks, 39, was arrested Saturday and charged with first-degree rape, assault, strangulation, sexual abuse, public indecency and harassment for the May 1 attack, police said.

Harrowing video footage allegedly shows a masked Kashaan Parks approaching the victim from behind around 3 a.m. with the belt in his hand, throwing it around the woman’s neck and pulling her to the ground, authorities said.

The attacker then dragged the woman between two parked cars and raped her on a street in the Bronx, police said.

Kashaan Parks allegedly choked a woman unconscious with a belt before raping her in the Bronx last week. Received from NY Post

The unemployed, married father of two has struggled with alcohol and drug problems in recent weeks since learning that his father had died in a hospital in Belize last month, according to his mother.

“He…had a one-year-old baby. It’s not like he was walking the streets committing crimes and doing this,” she said.

“I demanded that my son be held accountable for his actions, whether he was drunk, taking drugs or grieving,” she added.

“He did something wrong and he has to deal with it. Period.”

Kashaan Parks was charged with first-degree rape, assault, strangulation, sexual abuse, public indecency and harassment. TOMAS E. GASTON

Kashaan, his wife and their young daughter lived in North Carolina, where they were staying with the woman’s parents, but recently moved back, Beverly Parks said.

“I said (to Kashaan), ‘I wish I had left you down there and never made that trip,'” she recalled. “He just got back from New York. That’s why it was such a shock.”

According to police, Kashaan Parks has been publicly arrested twice, including for allegedly assaulting a 46-year-old woman in the Bronx and for getting into the back of an MTA bus without paying.

Beverly Parks said she hopes the victim can find a way to forgive her son.

“I am a woman and I am sorry that this happened to this person. I have to open and close my eyes every day and ask God to make sure this person is okay and for forgiveness for my son.

“Whatever she has to live with, I’ll have to think about it for the rest of my life.”