The Atlanta Hawks May Have Won More Than the 2024 NBA Draft Lottery

The Atlanta Hawks have landed the first selection in the 2024 NBA Draft, presumably by selecting Frenchman Alexandre Sarr.

But their lottery means more than just winning the right to pick first. This could help them avoid a disaster in 2025, where their unprotected first-round pick goes to San Antonio.

By selecting Sarr, or whoever they go with, you have to assume the Hawks are looking to add wins to their record next year, significantly minimizing their chances of winning the lottery and being forced to shell out for superstar Cooper Flagg.

For a team with only a 3% chance of winning the whole shebang, and which found itself in the NBA Play-In tournament last month, it seems unlikely that the Hawks will find themselves in the dark depths of the lottery this season. next.

Of course, you should never say never. Stranger things have happened, and if Atlanta really wants to get a head start, to avoid giving up on Flagg, they could offer the Spurs the number one pick for the rights to their pick next summer.

(Are the Spurs willing to accept such a deal? Probably not, but it’s worth investigating.)

Either way, this is good news for the Hawks on several fronts. The focus now shifts to which center they will get rid of this summer, assuming they move Sarr to the top spot.

It would seem unlikely that the franchise enters 2024-25 with all three of Sarr, Onyeka Okongwu and Clint Capela on the roster.

If the Hawks end up with a franchise big man and avoid trading Flagg next year, it will be nothing short of huge for the organization.

Unless otherwise stated, all statistics via, PBPStats, Clean the glass Or Basketball Reference. All salary information via Spotrac. All chances thanks to FanDuel Sports Betting.

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