A Journey to Resilience Maturity | BCI

Kate McHugh

Risk Specialist, The Collective Energy

I’m originally from the UK and started in bar and nightclub management. When I got too old to be awake at 4 a.m., I moved into event management.

After working for a consulting firm during a trip to Australia, I discovered that I was actually a nerd, and that’s where my venture career began. In New Zealand I worked in consulting and the public sector before moving into the energy industry at The Energy Collective, an electricity and telecommunications retailer. My focus is always on increasing risk maturity and business resilience by taking out the jargon and making it practical for people to engage with.

Outside of work, I am an avid hiker and attempt rock climbing, although I am currently in the phase of learning how to dangle with dignity. I also have a normal and healthy love for the Eurovision Song Contest.