Several arrested after ‘chaotic’ street race in Central Florida

Several young street racers have been arrested after a “chaotic” street race in Central Florida that featured reckless behavior, burnouts and fireworks.

As part of its ongoing efforts to stop dangerous street racing locally, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office arrested four people who traveled from Lee County to participate in an organized street racing event in Central Florida.

On May 5, just before 1 a.m., officers responded to the area of ​​Cragmont Drive and Princess Palm Avenue for a report of street racing. Upon arrival, officers witnessed a chaotic scene with multiple vehicles engaging in reckless behavior, including fires and the setting off of fireworks.

Four people, all occupants of a 2022 Dodge Challenger, were identified and arrested. According to law enforcement, they were 20-year-old Ar’moni Ferrell, 20-year-old Caden Turner, 20 year old Kylie O’Brien and 22 year old Samuel Orvil.

Deputies learned that the individuals traveled from Lee County to attend the event.

During the investigation, a search of the Charger uncovered Roman candles and video recording devices.

Additionally, a 2006 Chrysler 300 was impounded after its driver and passengers fled the scene on foot.

“These individuals learned the hard way that Hillsborough County is not the place to commit crimes. We are one step ahead and diligent in our efforts to keep our community safe,” said Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister. “Street racing is not only illegal, but also incredibly dangerous. Anyone who decides to engage in illegal activities here must face the inevitable consequences.”

Sheriff Chad Chronister added that the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office remains committed to the safety of its residents and will continue to actively enforce laws against illegal street racing and related activities.